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AJ's IT Consulting

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Welcome to AJ's IT Consulting. We are a small group of Information Technology & Communications Consultants. Formed in 2003 after many years working in the

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Perth Systems Integration market, servicing many of the major corporate and select government enterprise clients.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent advice and skills to address the many challenges of providing IT solutions to business problems. In doing this we hope to:

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    Drive down the cost of your IT solutions at purchase and over their working life

  • Ensure the IT solution provided matches your business requirements

Our key competencies are:

  • IT aspects of Contact Centres

  • Voice recognition technologies

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    Interactive Voice Response systems and applications

  • Voice and Data Networking

  • E-Business and multi-channel architecture advice

  • Tender preparation, and solution evaluation

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    Vendor negotiation and partnering
  • Project Management of IT & C projects

Copyright 2003, AJsIT Consulting. All rights reserved.